Agile Corporate Training

Those that don’t adapt quickly risk falling behind their competition.  Your business training program is one of the most important keys to help prepare your employees to help you build your business, and to help you meet your corporate goals.  This is where Agile Corporate Training comes in.  With professional training experience gained from working with large enterprises, Agile Corporate Training has what it takes to help your organization so you can compete effectively in your industry.

Agile Corporate Training is ready to:

Improve productivity & performance

We conduct a needs analysis, assess your current training program, make recommendations, and implement the recommended solutions to improve critical facets of your training program that need attention.

Design and Build

A new training program to fit your needs or update and enhance your current training program while ensuring consistency and continuity of your program.

Train and Coach the Trainer

Train and coach your trainers and managers on professional training and facilitation skills.

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Train your subject matter in live, or virtual, classes for specific training projects.

Our services achieve the following:

Adult Learning Principles

Personalize the training experience to the individual or group for more effective learning by incorporating the principles of adult learning.

Accelerate Competency

Accelerate time to competency and results by utilizing proven training techniques that accelerate the learning process while shortening the learning curve.

Reduce Cost

Reduce the time and cost of in-house training administration by ensuring process efficiency, proper use of training tools and resources, and employing technology effectively.

Measure Performance

Measure training key performance indicators(KPI’s) tied to business outcomes.  Your training effectiveness should be measured by improvements in employee performance, or by the speed with which new employees reach acceptable performance levels.

High Performing Employees

Generate consistent levels of high performing and motivated employees.

Lower Turnover

Improvements in employee retention.