change the model

Are you getting the results you need from your training department? Do you know what your training department is contributing to your company? Does your training department track the results of your new hires right out of training? Is your training department proactive in improving the condition of your employees and your company? If the answer is “No” to any or all of the above, then it’s time to hire a training consulting firm to take a look at your business from an objective point of view. These are clear cues that tell you it’s time for change. If your employees aren’t learning like before, and if they aren’t producing results that you need, then they are costing your company unnecessary time and money, resources which are in limited supply in business. Companies often fail to utilize their training and development department’s full capacity to help them attain company goals and gain profitability. Your training department should be one of the lead agents of proactive change that improves the condition of your employees and your company. If that is not currently happening, then you are wasting valuable resources.

Your training department may be good but if they aren’t producing the results you need to grow your business then it’s time to shake things up and make some improvements. You may have heard the saying, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Unfortunately things seldom change by themselves, otherwise proactive change would have happened already and you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. Don’t feel bad, many organizations, even large national companies, unfortunately are on the same boat and don’t know where to start or know what to do about it. The good news is that a training consulting business can help you identify areas where improvements will benefit your company to accomplish your goals.

Advantages Of Hiring A Training Consulting Business
A good training consulting business will give you an honest unbiased assessment of your company without being involved in the politics and relationships that your employees may be bogged down by. Sometimes even long time loyal employees can be hindered by being too entrenched in the status quo, making change difficult for them. Even if employees are ready for change, without the skills and experience required to make the changes, they may not be effective to make those necessary improvements to benefit your company.

The Process
Training improvements should follow a process that will make change easier to transition from, enabling your current staff to improve and use the new information for their, and your organizations, benefit. Does change have to be drastic? Well, that depends on the current state of your training department. Each business is different and each business has a different need.

First, a training analysis will be conducted to determine your current state, the challenges, your company goals and objectives, that you need from your training as a whole. Depending on what the goals and objectives are, an assessment of your entire training program will be conducted including assessing your trainers (or managers) facilitating the training, training culture, and training curriculum which includes instructor guides, Powerpoint presentations, learner binders, job aids, training facility, equipment, etc. The assessment will uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly, which will enable you to see where the issues are.

Based on the findings from the training assessment, a solutions recommendation will be created outlining the areas that need improvements, and recommended solutions to fix the issues to improve the entire training program. Once the recommendations are outlined, implementation then puts the recommendations into action. Implementation, however, isn’t the end of the process. There will be various tweaks and updates that need to be done to the program to ensure that the training is fine tuned to meet company objectives.

Investing in improving the condition of your training department is an investment in your company’s future. After all, the training department has the keys to knowledge in your company. Making these improvements will not only save your company big bucks now, but will also help your company make more revenues in the future. As Warren Buffet says, “The more you learn, the more you earn”, and that saying holds true even for the business world.


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