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7 Habits Of Great Trainers

Have you ever wondered why some trainers make a great impact with the audience while some have the audience leaving with rolling eyes?  Some in the audience may even say, “What a waste of time.”  If you’ve been in the training environment for some time, you’ll notice that not all trainers are the same.  Just […]

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Quick Tips To Effectively Facilitate A Virtual Training Class

Virtual training enables companies to save on a lot of travel expenses and other resources while accomplishing important training work.  With effective technology tools such as WeBex and LiveMeeting for example, the use of virtual training is being used more and more by many large companies since it’s easier to train multiple employees virtually anywhere […]

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The Value of Exit Interviews

Turnover is just one of the realities and costs of doing business. Employees come and go for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons may lie with the employee’s circumstances while other reasons could be due to your company. Either way, wouldn’t you want to know why your employees are leaving?

The problem is that […]

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Why Is It Crucial To Track Your Training Department’s Performance?

Every organization wants to ensure that every department of their business is doing its part to move the business forward. A department not pulling its own weight not only hinders the company’s growth but may even be costing the company resources that can be invested elsewhere within the business. You may have heard the saying, […]

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Advantages Of Hiring A Training Consulting Firm

Are you getting the results you need from your training department? Do you know what your training department is contributing to your company? Does your training department track the results of your new hires right out of training? Is your training department proactive in improving the condition of your employees and your company? If the […]

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9 Characteristics Your Trainers Should Possess

Choosing the right employee to become a trainer for your organization is crucial for the future of your company. I’ve worked in companies where the performance of their employees were put into question because the trainers weren’t doing their job effectively. So what is at stake if you promote or hire the wrong people to […]

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