Productivity & Performance Development

Does your firm need help implementing effective training processes in your organization?  Maybe you already have a training program but you know that it’s missing something, that it’s bland, and maybe – even boring.  Perhaps your organization is experiencing inconsistent results or your training program may be outdated and no longer as effective in accomplishing your corporate goals.  How can you captivate your employees and ensure that they are learning what you need them to learn?
For example, with one of the organizations we worked with, we were hired to assess their entire corporate training program, from their PowerPoint presentations, to their trainee binders, to their trainers, etc.  Within a short period of time, we were able to conduct a thorough needs analysis, create a report of the assessment, recommendations, and solutions to fix the issues.  After analyzing their training program, some of the issues we uncovered was that there were errors and outdated material in their training binders, their PowerPoint presentations were too wordy and hard to follow, there were gaps in the training process which made it difficult for the trainees to follow and learn the material, the trainers were inadvertently producing unproductive tension in the training, some of the trainers were inexperienced in facilitation, no measurable way to track training progress, and no mechanism to evaluate trainer and training performance.  After reviewing the report, the leaders of the organization then asked us to implement the solutions in the recommendations.  The result was an enhanced training program in line with corporate goals and highly productive new hires performing effectively shortly after training.

We will partner with you, conduct a needs analysis of the training requirements based on organizational goals, assess your current training staff, training facilities, and training equipment.  We can help your organization establish training best practices, policies, and procedures for any, or all, of your training processes (e.g. training needs analysis, instructional design, evaluation, surveys, etc).  We can also review the deliverables for specific training projects and make recommendations for improvements. By assessing the details of your current program, interviewing recent trainees, finding problem areas and looking for the gaps, we will find solutions to correct areas that need critical attention and fill the gaps with the content necessary to take your training program to the next level, generating high performance employees that are encouraged, inspired, and motivated to be the best they can be to help your organization excel.  Give us a call to discuss your needs.  We’re here to help.